Drinking Alcohol With Diabetes – What You Should Know

A couple years back I wrote an article on taking Hydroxycut with diabetes and I got a lot of feedback from my readers. So I wanted to write another article on another topic that may concern many diabetics out there and that is drinking alcohol with diabetes.

I was diagnosed with diabetes back when I was 16 years old and I have to admit before this point in my life I had a few drinks with friends just being a normal teenager. After being diagnosed with diabetes I did not drink anything, not even a drop for about five years. I just didn’t have a clue what would happen to me and my sugar levels, and my bottle of insulin said not to “drink alcohol while taking this medication”.

After several years of being a diabetic and feeling more and more comfortable with regulating my sugar levels, I decided to experiment a little. Of course I made sure I did this in a controlled environment and eased my way in but basically wanted to see the effects that alcohol had a my sugar levels after drinking a few drinks.

Come to find out the alcohol really didn’t have much of an effect at all like I was expecting. Of course different drinks with carbohydrates or sweet drinks with sugar and juice would make my sugar levels higher but the average beer or low-calorie beer didn’t have any drastic changes in my sugar levels.

Now I do want to share one instance where this was not the case. I used to work at a restaurant and one night after work I sat down the bar and had a couple glasses of wine before heading home. The next morning I had a pretty long day working a large corporate party up in our wine room. So I ran out the door with only a granola bar to eat. Once I got to work I checked my sugar and I was around 145 so everything was fine and I started setting up for the party. I was running up and down the stairs in the back of the kitchen trying to bring supplies and some other utensils up to our wine room. The next thing I know one of the chefs and a paramedic were shaking me trying to get me to come back to. To make a long story short basically what happened was the paramedic told me the glasses of wine I had the night before actually had the reverse effect of what you would normally expect. So rather than making my sugar levels go up, with lack of food in my system they actually would make my sugar go down. He said the body becomes more sensitive to even small amounts of insulin.

So learn from this and never drink alcohol on an empty stomach if you’re a Diabetic. Trying new drinks or drinking liquor drinks that are mixed with juices and which are high in sugar can be risky. I have my “go-to drinks that I stick to and I usually try to only have a few. Even in my younger years, I always try to stay alert, aware of what’s going on and keeping my Glucometer around to check every couple of hours.

If you’re diabetic and have any experiences you want to share involving alcohol, below please do so in the comments.

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