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    John Ulsh




    Hi John
    I bought 2 boxes of omnipods from you a week ago and still haven’t received them nor my refund. Basically all I’ve gotten is a bunch of promises you obviously can’t keep. Please refund asap or I will be contacting law enforcement Monday morning.



    I had the same issue with John Ulsh as well. I was purchasing 7-100 ct boxes of One Touch Ultra test strips from him which were supposedly lost or sent to the wrong address. I have been requesting a refund for 2 weeks with excuse after excuse, but does respond but keeps saying he will send, but I never see it. Either the weather is too bad to make it to a money transfer station, then he was in the hospital, then he had to work late. Im contacting the local law enforcement as well if if dont get a confirmed refund by end of today (Mon 4/10/17). I’ve bought and sold numerous times on here and never had issues until now…its funny that others had the same problems all at the same time.



    Subvet please contact me. I lost money from John Ulsh too. I have information.



    Call your local police department. I was scammed by someone before and called the police department and gave them all his info and they contacted him and I got my money back.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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