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    I have for sale the following
    7 boxes of omnipods
    4 sealed new novalog 5 pens per box
    4 single novalog pens
    6 boxes of lantus 5 pens per box
    1 G5 starter pack brand new never used

    I’m willing to negotiate price payment by GOOGLEPAY ONLY



    SCAM ALERT – This person stole my money!



    To bad your a liar B, the box was lost ans you were notified and you received a refund, your package was not the only one that was lost but the couple packages that were lost received a refund from Google pay, you should fill in the blanks and the whole story not just what suits you.



    I’ll fill in the blanks then..

    1.) I paid
    2.) I was told it was shipped overnight and I was given tracking number EK985041366
    3.) There was no update on the tracking and I was told that USPS said they were shipped without being scanned (would have been scanned when they were received at the next stop even if that was true)
    4.) Not until after the time they were supposed to be delivered had passed, I was told it was a miscommunication and they were not shipped overnight (EK starting a tracking number indicates Express though doesn’t it?)
    5.) After multiple requests for a copy of the receipt showing that tracking number, I stopped getting any responses at all.
    6.) I had to open a dispute with Google Pay to get my money back.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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