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    Looking to buy New Quick Set MIO, MMT-975 and Medtronic Pump MMT- 722 or 723 in good working condition



    Hi i have a new 722 pump by Medtronic email me cheritya335@gmail.com haves sets and sensors to go with



    Thank you, On a Pump I looking for used one…



    I am only asking 400 for the pump new



    can you send some pic to admin@intbridge.net



    User cheritya335 (Cherity Allen, also known as “Cherry” – cheritya335@gmail.com) is a scammer. I purchased diabetes supplies from her but the supplies never came, neither did a refund for the money I sent her. Not surprisingly, she’s ignored all attempts at contacting her since. I suggest everyone stay far away from her. Obviously running a little scam operation here, preying, of all things, on diabetic people.

    I’ve recently been talking to a few different people who have also had the misfortune of dealing with “Cherity Allen”, below are the clues I have gathered so far.

    Her accomplice goes by the name of “Rick Allen”. She states her address and contact information as being:
    Username: cheritya335
    Name: Cherity Allen, also known as “Cherry”
    Email: cheritya335@gmail.com

    Cherity Allen and Rick Allen
    xxx Middle Rd
    Conneaut, OH 44030
    Phone#: 440-593-3934 (as of now, this is a disconnected number)

    I’m leaving the street address blank as the address was most likely bogus and I wouldn’t want an innocent family getting harassed because of posting this online.

    I don’t think you can completely eliminate the risk of getting scammed when buying diabetes supplies over the internet, but here are a few ways you can minimize it:
    1. call the person who’s offering you supplies for sale to make sure they’re not giving you a bogus number (simple but often overlooked)
    2. get their address and look it up on google, if it’s listed for sale on realtor sites or if it’s the address of a supermarket, bowling alley, or vacant lot (as opposed to a residential home or apartment), then they probably gave you a fake address, plus, if they have something to hide, they might try to withhold giving you their address, if they do, take it as a red flag and stay away from them
    3. look online for satisfactory reviews of the user trying to sell you supplies (look them up by username, email, real name, whatever info is available to you, use it to do research on them in order to find out if you’re dealing with a scammer or not)
    4. ask other established and well known forum members who they have had successful experiences purchasing supplies from, if you can’t find reputable references, then hold off on buying supplies until you can
    5. always insist on (don’t just request) a tracking number for your package (all parcel services offer it, usually for less than the cost of a cup of coffee), no tracking number, no deal

    If you follow these few simple steps, you can avoid becoming a “victim” to most of the scammers out there and save yourself a lot of time and money in the process.



    I have an absolutely brand new Medtronic paradigm 723 purple pump. purchased about 8 months ago but had a family emergency and was unable to complete the process to comfortably use it. I have 3 months of supplies and can send picts. I live in San jose. Email me at kennastonehendrix@zoho.com or call (408)417-4193. Any offer will be considered.



    send pictures to:



    Joe Pawlicki
    Hello, I have a Medtronic paradigm revel 723 used pump for sale.
    Smoke color manufacture date 04/2010. Have no use for it since I switched to Omnipod, never had issues and works great. Selling for $500 or best offer and comes with carelink USB. PayPal only, USA ship only
    If interested email josephpawlicki@att.net
    No warranty as is
    No returns
    Will also throw in a few loose infusion kits and resivoirs

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