Lifescan pulling through with a great iPhone 3.0 app!

Today at Apple’s iPhone event in Cupertino, Lifescan announced it will be releasing an iPhone app for diabetices, allowing them to send their meters results via bluetooth or a docking cable directly to their iPhone. From there the results can be sent to parents, doctors or nutrionists. Below is from today’s event:

“By far the most manipulative pitch of the afternoon, LifeScan shows how new Bluetooth connection capabilities and accessory functions can help a young girl manage her diabetes. Above is a week-long chart of her glucose levels, which are good to know if you have diabetes and don’t want to die. LifeScan can pull these from a test unit via Bluetooth or cable.”

“The app then lets users send their readings and a message about how they’re feeling to caregivers like their parents, children or physician. The glucose reader app also includes a meal builder and insulin schedule for easy tracking by tagging readings as pre- or post-meals. The iPhone app can even estimate, based on diet, how much insulin is needed after each meal. The app also shows glucose levels in a chart form and lists each previous reading.”

This is a big step for diabetics and I am sure we will see a lot more now with Apple’s release of their 3.0 OS for the iPhone this summer. The possibilities are endless with the platform Apple has built. It would be nice to see a finger pricker that plugs directly into the iPhone and saves the results in your phone but also backs them up in the cloud using MobileMe. I personally am a huge fan of Apple and I am also a Type 1 Diabetic. I am excited about advancements of all kinds and especially when they involve the iPhone!

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  1. Apparently, this isn’t actually a product, nor does it have any immediate prospect of being a product. It’s July now, 3.0 is out, yet no iPhone LifeScan app. A closer googling of the excitement back in March discloses an interview with LifeScan:

    “… not of a commercially imminent product …”
    “… there’s still some refinement that needs to take place …”
    “… Well, again, it’s still very early for us …”
    ” … That hasn’t been determined yet …” (how to share results with your doctor)


    • Yes – a lot of people were talking about this afterward, they really made it seem like it was something they were going to release when the new iPhone OS 3.0 was released. The idea is neat, but a lot of people were let down.

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