Work1 Here at The Push Forward, it is my goal to provide you with great discussions, news articles, personal stories, research and any other diabetes related info that I find interesting. Managing diabetes throughout your life is very tough and keeping up with all the latest research, technologies, new types of insulin and glucose meters is a part time job in itself. I want to make sure you are always in-the-know with anything diabetes related.

I myself was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 1999 and was taking about five or six shots a day and then within a year or so started using the insulin pens. If I can remember correctly I was using Humalog and Lantus for long acting. In about 2005 I switched to a Paradigm insulin pump from Medtronic Minimed and absolutely love it. It definitely took me some time to adjust to it but after about 4 years now I am used to it and have a good feel for all of the features. It helped out big time with all of my morning numbers and is much easier than carrying around any of the other methods I used in the past. I can also see how much insulin I am using on a daily basis and my goal now is to lower that by exercising regularly and eating better.