Blockbuster Diabetes Drug Approved by the FDA

Finally some good news for Type 2 Diabetics, drug makers Bristol-Myers Squibb and partners Astrazeneca PLC had their latest drug Onglyza approved. Onglyza reduces blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes, which affects 24 million people in the U.S.


Bristol-Myers Squibb

The drug is the first to gain approval since the agency issued new testing guidelines for diabetes treatments last year. Concerns about heightened risks of heart attack with GlaxoSmithKline’s pill Avandia created a storm of controversy around the FDA and the safety standards for popular diabetes treatments.

Many Type 2 diabetics that I have spoke with have a tough time keeping their levels down, while they still produce some insulin in most cases, it’s a guessing game of how much. The amount of insulin they are producing can change day to day and be affected by mood, emotions, weight and many other variables. Many say they avoid eating pasta, rice and other food high in carbohydrates or sugar all together. They just cannot find a way to control their sugar levels afterward so it isn’t worth it.

There is still some concern with those patients that have heart conditions even though there was no sign higher rates of heart attack, stroke and other problems. Despite such evidence, the FDA said it will require the companies to conduct a follow-up study examining those problems in high-risk patients, including the elderly and those with existing heart conditions.

Hopefully Onglyza will help many of the patients out there with type 2 diabetes that are having trouble with high levels. The drug has not been tested on patients using insulin so it will not be prescribed to those type 2 patients that are currently injecting insulin.

Further information on Onglyza can be found Here

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