Continuous Glucose Monitoring…. Hopefully

I know I haven’t posted in quite a while, I have a had a ton of changes going on with job changes and some other events that kept me pretty busy. Since all of the changes, I decided I was going to add one more thing to that mix. I changed the injection site for my pump from my leg, back to my abdomen.

It was quite a surprise taking a needle in the gut again after not having done so in 6 or 7 months. Especially being I use the “quick-serter” device. This was only the beginning of 4 day mess that was about to send me spinning into a downward spiral! Hours after I changed my pump, my friend came up to my apartment with some Club Flyers and wanted to go out to one of these places for some drinks. He had just been at the NC State football game all day and judging by the smell that was starting to fill my apartment, he had been doing some drinking already. So we picked a place we hadn’t been to in a while and hopped in the car. Before I even walked into the bar I checked my sugar and it was up over 300, I immediately took about 15 units with my pump and then went inside. I had one beer while talking with some other friends that we met there and we paid our tab and left. Total time since last reading was about 1 hour and 30 minutes, as we are heading to the next bar I check it again and its about 280. Lower, but something is wrong, this is not normal! I thought maybe it was air in the lines that I missed or something. I continued to check it about every hour if I could and probably went through close to 50 units just to get it down to a normal level. After 2 more days of similar readings I realized that I was just not absorbing it well and changed it immediately. Things seem to be back to normal now but in the meantime I spoke to my Dr about a continuous glucose monitor. There are times where something similar to this will happen and hours go by with me not knowing because it’s getting high for another reason other than what I am eating or bolusing.

Continuous Glucose Monitor

Continuous Glucose Monitor

I have to track my numbers for the next 30 days and then submit them to a representative that will try to work with my insurance company in trying to get approved for it. They really only care about lows and if your 30-day stretch does include a lot of lows, they probably wont approve me. At least this is what the rep said. I have started an excel file for the rep and will keep everyone posted on what the final outcome is.

I think it will be great for when I am out and about for long periods of time and especially when I am changing my site and there is a possibility for air or me hitting a bad spot in my abdomen that isn’t absorbing insulin well.

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  1. Good luck to you. I had one of these on for 4 days and It must have been in a bad spot, as it hurt every second it was on. It was put on so we could get a better setting on pump basal rates. Nurse installed it at my house, but was not able to see if it was sending out results. As it turn out, after four miserable days, it was not. Still got a lot of good data, as I was taking very particular note for the four days and was able to make adjustments. However, after this experience, I do not know that I would want one of these on me the rest of my life! Painful, and quit a big bulge. Hard to sleep with it on, not for the pain as laying on it relieved the pain, but like the old pea at the bottom of ten mattresses, constantly knew it was there. There has to be a better way to have continuous measurements, perhaps an implant.

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