Does Monavie Really Help Diabetics?


There have been numerous people across the internet and on the streets claiming that Monavie has “cured” or helped sugar levels of diabetics dramatically. Being a diabetic myself I have had people approach me or call me telling me the wonders of this juice. I am a little skeptical knowing this is a business and they are trying to get me hooked into buying a case a month or however it works. I would like to hear from a diabetic using Monavie and hear what it has done for you. The last time I asked a Monavie representative any questions about the claim they were making they had no clue. They didnt even know if the claim was made from a Type 1 diabetic or a Type 2 diabetic… even further they didnt know the difference.

To my understanding most Type 2 diabetics (correct me if I am wrong because I am type 1) can control their sugar levels by eating differently. I am sure there are a lot of cases where the patient could start eating an entirely different way and have near normal sugar levels. So with that being said Monavie has a ton of fruit in it that would fill you up and maybe replace that pasta you at least a portion of a meal in your day. Cutting back the amount of insulin (type 1) or lowering the levels (type 2) you might have experienced without it. Thats just a thought and I am by no means an expert. I would love to hear input from those using it.

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  1. Hey Jeremy

    I came across your post about having Type 1 and also consuming Monavie. Well, I do both. Have had Type 1 for 34 years, drinking Monvaie since September of last year.

    Because I only consume basically a mouthful in the morning and again in the evening, I cannot say that I have noticed any difference whatsoever in my blood sugars. However, I have been sleeping better since taking it, and as a result I am more rested, which may (or may not) have an influence on my readings. I think that whatever you put into your mouth can only increase your blood sugar readings (except water etc.), so I cannot see how any food can really decrease blood sugar readings. However, as I only consume 4 ounces a day spead over 12 hour intervals (or thereabouts – 2 ounces in the morning, 2 at night), it will hardly have a huge effect on my readings anyway.

    The juice gives you 4 grams of CHOs per 30ML serving, and 4 grams of sugar per 30 ML serving (I’m reading that from the nutritional info on the side of the bottle), but everything in the bottle is all fruit – no additives. I think it is a great tasting juice (as well as the business aspect to it, but that’s another discussion – talk to me :-> ), but regarding the juice in and of itself: I have not noticed any major effect on my bood readings, either in elevating them or in lowering them.

    Hope that answers your question. Feel free to get in touch, or check out my blog at

    Best wishes


    John Keeler

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