Insulin Pump Belts – The Must have Accessory

Diabetics, those specifically using an insulin pump are looking for new ways to wear the pump without having it get in the way or take up room in their pockets. One of the more popular ways of wearing an insulin pump is using an insulin pump belt. The belts fit close to the body and are made or various materials which are comfortable, breathable and light weight. They typically have pocket’s in them large enough to fit almost any size or model insulin pump and then they wrap around your body nice and snug. They can be worn over tight fitting shirts or under loose fitting shirts so working them in with any outfit is pretty easy.


Insulin Pump Belt Materials

Materials used in most insulin pump belts are light weight and breathable so they can be comfortably worn. They typically lack zippers, clips or velcro so that there is no rubbing or irritation to the skin as you move around. Many of the more popular belts also include smaller pockets for additional pump accessories like test strips or even your Glucometer. If you’re interested, this seller on Etsy makes custom insulin pump belts to order, just send them your waist size and color specifications and they will make your order specifically for you. The fabrics are very high quality and soft without any clips or buckles.

For some, they would rather wear their insulin pump on their upper leg if they are wearing a loose fitting skirt or pants. So many pump belts are now adjustable or come in smaller sizes so that they can be worn on the legs as well. Wearing your insulin pump on your leg allows for great flexibility in activities and clothing choices to make sure you’re comfortable at all times. Most diabetics forget they are even wearing a pump!

With an active lifestyle, insulin pump belts are a fantastic way to keep your pump close to your body and prevent it from jiggling or shaking as you run or move about. One of the biggest challenges of many pump wearers is concealing their pump and also being comfortable in everyday clothes whether they have a business suit on or a sport uniform.

Insulin pump belts can be great for kids, adults and everyone in between. The belts can be ordered in various sizes and colors so creating a fun design for insulin-pump-beltskids could also help them adjust to wearing this new accessory. We have seen parents order Batman or Superman patterns for their kids and they absolutely love wearing the. Girls love pink and purple belts or even flower patterns that not only look great with their outfits but their friends admire the new look!

Insulin Pump Belt Cost

Most insulin pump belts can be purchased pretty cheap and there are many options for sizes and colors. You can usually purchase a belt for anywhere from $20-$50 depending on the fabrics used and size needed. Many sellers will give discounts if you order in bulk, so if you like a particular style you may want to think about purchasing a few at time to save some money.

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