Occasional Sweets and Treats

As a diabetic you learn to stay away from the “earthquake” foods and drinks. You are probably scratching your head saying “what the hell is an earthquake food?” I will tell you exactly what it is, earthquakes shake up the ground and then have these after effects where weird things happen even hours later. So there are certain foods that do this to me as well. I eat them and the next 3 – 4 hours of my day is spent monitoring my sugar in 30 minute intervals. A few examples are white rice, cake and ice cream, certain pasta dishes… Etc. Everyone can probably think of something that has thrown your day off completely or the day of someone you know.

I tend to avoid most sweets, juices and foods high in sugar or carbohydrates. Every once in a while there will be a wedding, birthday, party… who knows, but you splurge and take a hit. I will go for the cake and ice cream if it stares at me long enough and calls out my name. After all, I would hate to offend whoever brought it anyway, so go ahead cut me a slice asap!

Cake and Sweet Tea

Cake and Sweet Tea

Mid way through my enjoyment, I can feel it, the earthquake is starting, but this is just the beginning. I start debating how much insulin and dial it in to prepare for the ride. Sometimes it’s smooth sailing and I keep my levels near normal but for the most part there is always a surprise where I am left thinking ” how did this happen!” my eye lids become heavy and I start feeling lethargic, my mood changes, my smile from that tasty icing disappears… What a mess!

I am not sure if it’s all worth it in the end but I do a good job of correcting things pretty quickly, I might spike to high 200’s but will fix it quickly. Not the greatest thing for you but maybe do this more often I will become an expert.

Practice makes perfect!

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