Playing Game’s With Your Diabetes!

One of the hardest things to get a young child with diabetes to learn is how important it is to check your sugar levels on a regular basis. Some parents don’t even realize how important it is and how it will effect their child’s body over time if their sugar is always high and never monitored correctly. So if the parents aren’t aware, the kids are less likely to be on top of the disease causing complications later on.

Bayer has recently released a product to change all of this for kids and parents. It’s called “The Didget” and it is a glucometer that plugs directly into the child’s Nintendo DS and DS lite systems. “The DIDGET meter is designed to help kids manage this lifelong condition by rewarding them for building consistent blood glucose testing habits and meeting personalized glucose target ranges.” Right now this is only available in the UK but should soon make it’s way to the US.

The Didget should really push children with diabetes and their parents to stay consistent with testing and learning about the importance of monitoring blood sugar.

I am a little annoyed that this wasn’t out when I was younger, maybe this would have been my calling. I am horrible at every video game I play on any system – except for maybe Tiger Woods Golf on PS3. I think I could have been a Didget champ! Then again there are probably a bunch of little nerdy diabetic kids with codes to this game that allow them to get rewarded by hitting some crazy sequence of buttons. Something like back, forward, back, back, A, B. Hopefully I didn’t just give anyone any ideas…

At the end of the day it is ideas like this that may make us obsess over testing our sugar and keeping it in that perfect range. The more obsessed the better, lets just hope you have good insurance because I can see these kids going through a lot of test strips! Doctors will be like “Johnny you were using 5 test strips a day before why are you now using 30 a day?” Johnny will reply with “Well Doc, there is this sweet new game out for the Nintendo DS and I am about 3 levels away from beating it.”

I will be on the look out for when this comes to the U.S. – I can’t wait to see it in action!

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