Where To Find A Used Insulin Pump For Sale

If you’re looking for a used insulin pump for sale, there are various places you can find great working pumps at a great price. Knowing where to look and even the laws around buying and selling an insulin pump are very important. In many locations you must obtain a prescription for an insulin pump so there are certain legalities that would pertain to the transaction which you need to be aware of. Other than that there are some great used pumps that you can find online or local non profits which you can buy at a steep discount!

used-insulin-pump-for-saleWhen looking for insulin pumps you can start by contacting any local or national nonprofits, sometimes they will receive insulin pumps for diabetics that didn’t like them, got new insulin pumps through their insurance or in some cases the person has deceased and the family wants to donate their old supplies. Either way, these are great opportunities to get a used insulin pump for yourself or a family member. The benefits of finding one locally is that you can make sure the insulin pump works and test out the different functions before making the purchase. Insulin pumps are usually very rugged and durable so they can last a long time without looking worn or failing.

There are many places online where you can find used insulin pumps and insulin pump accessories. But make sure you’re buying from a trusted seller and that you can contact them if you have any problems. Here are some quick tips before making the purchase.

Before Buying a Used Insulin Pump You Should:

  • Know how to use an insulin pump and the features safely, this is not something you can usually setup yourself
  • Make sure you’re buying from a trusted seller
  • Have the seller send you various high-res photos of the pump so you can inspect it for damage and abuse
  • Research the different models and know the going price for a used pump
  • Learn the laws in your area for purchasing a pump to make sure you’re not breaking any laws

If you follow these quick tips above, you will increase your chances of finding a used insulin pump in good condition at a fair price. The last thing you want to do is purchase an insulin pump and then not know how to use it or find out that it’s damaged. Make sure you do your research before hand and you can even speak to pump trainers in your area to help you learn the proper way to use the pump.

If you contact a local Endocrinologist and tell them the model of your insulin pump or even one you’re thinking of purchasing, they will usually have a pump trainer they can recommend for you. The trainer will usually setup an appointment in their office or at your residence to go through all of the functions and setting up the basal rate. The insulin pumps’ basil rate is one of the most important features and this is not something you want to guess at. This is the amount of insulin that will trickle into your body on an hour rate. Most people will have basil rate that are customized to their lifestyle. So if you’re active during the day your basil rate will probably be much lower throughout the day and then increase slightly at night. One of the benefits of having various basil rates is being able to compensate for dawn phenomenon. This will allow you to increase your basil rate while you’re sleeping to compensate from the rise in blood sugar that you will typically see from dawn phenomenon. With syringes or manual injections this is simply not possible!

Using an insulin pump to treat your diabetes is a life saver and will allow you not have to worry about injecting several times through out the day. One of the draw backs of insulin pumps is that if your health insurance doesn’t cover it, the cost can be very high. On top of the cost of the insulin pump you also have the cost of the supplies each month. This is why many people resort to the second-hand market and purchase used insulin pumps at a much lower cost. If you follow the tips and information in this article, you will hopefully be able to find a used insulin pump at a great price and have it last you many years to come.

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